Movie Review Of The Movie 'Kita Kita'

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"Kita kita" INTRODUCTION: While I'm watching this movie I am thinking, What will be ending of this story? Is it happy? or it is sad? the movie that I am talking about is the movie of Alessandra De Rossi as Lea and Empoy Marquez as Tonio. The movie's title is "Kita kita" and it directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal. SUMMARY: This story starts and it shows the story of Lea in Japan, but this story focuses of her lovestory. At first Lea meet her boyfriend at the restaurant her boyfriends name is Novo. Novo courts Lea by the means of wearing a fake hair, Lea that time is wearing a mascot, that mascot is a heart shape they met each other and that they started there lovestory. There relationship is now five years. But one day Lea felt that she's not important to Novo. Novo forget their…show more content…
At the third day Tonio came back again and give her a food, but Lea get angry he ask Tonio why is he doing this? she said to Tonio that he don't need to waste his time to a blind like her, Tonio get hurt. But again he came back to Lea's house and Lea say sorry to Tonio because of what she said yesterday. Tonio always waking Lea with saying "Kabayan?! gising na umaga na , anong oras na" but Lea notice one day that she are waiting Tonio to wake her up. After that they are always together, they are always happy, they are always making each other smile. But one day while they are walking beside the road Tonio leave Lea for a while because he will get something and Lea say yes. But Lea get surprise when her sight is back. Tonio called Lea. "Kabayan?!" Lea look at him and Tonio get shocked but smiling. When she's coming back to Lea at the other side of the road he hits ba a car. Lea shocked, she freeze and it seems like she don't know what happen. After the Tonio's buried Lea get the key which was given by Tonio. He open the door of Tonio's house and started to see all of the things

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