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While the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery, it could not end the ignorance, discrimination, and prejudice against the Black people. During the Civil War, Blacks enlisted in the Union Army to preserve their freedom promised to them in the Emancipation Proclamation. However, many whites found the idea of serving with Blacks to be offensive as they viewed Blacks to be lazy, stupid, and genetically inferior to them and refused to fight alongside Blacks. As a result, the Union decided to create separate regiments for Blacks. Glory (1989) directed by Edward Zwick depicts the struggle of the first Black regiment and how white men such as Colonel Robert Gould Shaw stood with them in their struggle for equity. Colonel Shaw acted by Matthew Broderick takes the audience with him on journey of transform from a naïve boy to a pre-adult and finally manhood and through his eyes the audience understands the internal and external struggles of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. The movie opens with a naive Shaw who believes in the equality of all men as promised in the Declaration of Independence. The first scene opens with Shaw and his company marching to Antietam. He is very enthusiastic about being in the military and his strong belief about why their fighting. This is illustrated in his letter home to his mother. Shaw writes “how grand it is to meet the men from all the states, east and west...ready to fight for their the old fellows did in the Revolution. But this time we must make it a whole country...for all whom live here, so that all can speak”. The viewer realizes Shaw truly believes that all men are equal regardless of color and is willing to fight and die for his beliefs. In addition, the viewer can see that Shaw has... ... middle of paper ... ...ough his example that no matter what happens he and his men are willing to sacrifice their lives not just to unify nation, but also that all men are equal. In closing, the movie was a well-directed and produced film. It clearly shows how black and white men from two different worlds come to respect and accept each other through the horrors of war as equals, brothers, and comrades in arms. In addition, the actors, music selection, and the movie's historical portrayal give the viewer the feel of being a part of the 54th regiment. Furthermore, the movie provides the viewer a realistic representation of how these men lived and died. The men of the 54th regiment made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and in restoring a shattered nation. Therefore, I understand the movie receiving the nomination for best picture and it will defiantly be a classic for years to come.

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