Movie Review: Finding Nemo

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This is a film commentary on the movie Finding Nemo by Andrew Stanton. It is about a clown fish named Marlin (Albert Brooks). He’s very overprotective about his son Nemo (Alexander Gould) and carefully watches his every move. Marlin’s wife was killed when a barracuda came to their reef and murdered her and all their eggs of baby clownfish. But there was only one egg that was found hurt. That last egg was Nemo. That left Marlin being the widower and having to take care of Nemo on his own. He learned to become a mother and a father to take care of Nemo. Then, Nemo was on his first day of school. He was taken on a field trip to the drop off, which was a dangerous place that Marlin did not approve on. Nemo was with a bad crowd and their intentions…show more content…
He doesn’t know how to let loose and trust his son on what he wants to do. In order to survive he needs to trust in others and accept Right in the beginning of the film you can see how Marlin as a father really wants to make sure Nemo is safe from any dangers in the ocean. Nemo accidentally gets himself stuck in some sort of undersea plant. Marlin freaks out and rushes to get nemo to safety. As soon as Nemo gets free Marlin questions him asking if everything is okay. “Nemo, don’t move! Don’t move! You’ll never get out of there yourself. I’ll do it.” He asks him questions like “Are you woozy? Any rushing fluids?” Nemo just answers “No” to every question because he’s annoyed by how overprotective his dad is. In another scene, Nemo is going on a field trip with his school. But Marlin doesn’t know that they’re going to the drop off. He has trust issues with anyone and anything. As soon as he finds out he rushes to find his son once again scolding him for trying to swim out to the open water. Then it seems as if Nemo has had enough of his dad. When nobody is looking Nemo swims out to the boat to touch it. Marlin was protecting his son for way too long and it seems that he’s created a rebel in his

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