Movie Review: An Analysis Of The Documentary Of Jesus Camp

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In the documentary of Jesus Camp there were many things that were unbelievable. One thing that stood out to me was the amount of the brutal preaching. The pastors ways of preaching seemed very brutal, it wasn’t inviting. For me a church should be more of a “feel at home” place, the Pastor Becky Fischer the leader of the Pentecostal Christian Church was very demanding when it came to preaching “the word of God”, or at least that 's what she said. Pastor Fischer, throughout the documentary made it seem as if they church, but in all reality it looked and sounded more like a cult for younger children. Another shocking part of the video was that for the most part they as the parents did not let them act as kids, even the church didn’t let them act like kids. Throughout the beginning of the documentary most it was filmed in the church and in every part, they made it seem as if they were all sinners and they were all going to die in hell if they didn’t listen or obey to the word of the Lord.
I do find this documentary to be bias because the way this documentary was filmed, it only focused on what was
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I did like the documentary, because I believed it in being very entertaining, but also very much of an internal debate. Growing up as a Catholic the church was and still is very harsh on certain rules and in the documentary it showed what the Catholic church seemed to me growing up. But in a strange way it felt it okay for parents to introduce a religion on a young kid because he or she at a young age tend to and will absorb more of what the church has to say about our Lord. My overall statement of this documentary is that it is a good life lesson to teach young kids about the Lord and how he can do amazing things, but that it should not be punched into your face and fed more like a spoonful of
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