Movie Interstellar And Inception

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Everyone in their life at some point has watched a movie. A lot of movies that get produced today are very similar. They can also be very different. The two movies that are in question about their similarities and differences is Interstellar and Inception. Although they bear some major differences, the similarities between the two movies are clear. Interstellar and Inception both deal with very different concepts. Interstellar is mostly set in space and it entertains the idea that the earth is dying and human life needs to be sustained on another planet. Inception is mainly set in dreams and alternate realities where you can go inside someone’s dreams and steal ideas or plant an idea that will grow in them. The main character in Interstellar,…show more content…
That automatically tells you they are going to be similar in style. These movies are both about men who are trying to redeem themselves in a sense. Both movies depict many hardships and challenges that the men must face to get back home to their families. The concept of time is a very central point in both films. The two men are both under great deals of pressure to complete near impossible tasks. Their tasks only have a limited time to be completed otherwise they will face harsh consequences. Neither of the characters can just freely go about their task without bearing time in the back of their head. Every second counts for both men. Time is stretched in Inception because they are in the dream world. The more layers they delve deeper into Fischer’s sub-conscious, the more time they have because time is slowed. In Interstellar, time is compressed because of the effects gravity has on time. The planets Cooper’s team visits have different distances from the black hole in a different system of planets, which affect the relativity of time. As you can see, the solutions both main characters come up with must revolve around time. If you haven’t seen either movie and you plan to sometime then avoid these next few sentences because they contain major spoilers. So, you’ve been warned! The climaxes of each movie are resolved during a deathbed scene. Joseph Cooper sees his elderly daughter for the last time as she passes away and learns that he has saved humanity by sending himself in the black hole and relaying vital information back to Earth. This information has provided a solution to move mankind off earth and has prepped humanity to move to another habitable planet. In Inception, Robert Fischer’s sees his dying dad on his deathbed in his dream and tells his son he doesn’t want him to follow in his footsteps and wants him to be his own man.
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