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Existentialism, as defined by Luke Mastin, “ a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice.”(2008). There are multiple occasions in which an individual can encounter an existentialist situation without acknowledging it. For example, choosing to go to school one day or not would be considered freedom of choice, which connects with the philosophy of existentialism. In the context of existentialism, Søren Kierkegaard’s theory correlates to the movie, Before I Fall directed and adapted by Ry Russo-Young from the novel written by Lauren Oliver, due to the many movie scenes that involve an existentialist moment as exemplified through the main character in relation to Kierkegaard.
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Hamann, G.E. Lessing and his teacher of philosophy… Poul Martin Moller.” (William McDonald). Despite being one of the greatest philosophers, Kierkegaard had a simple, boring life which most humans can probably relate to; however, he also used his time wisely which resulted in his rise of becoming a very influential philosopher. Kierkegaard’s contributions to existentialism would be “the opening up by Kierkegaard of this terra incognita of man’s inner life will come to play a major role for later existentialist.” (Douglas Burnham).
The movie’s aspects endure on Samantha and how she chooses the way her life should go. In one of the beginning scenes, after Samantha and her friends leave the party, the head onto the road, slam into a truck and their car flips off the side of the road. The next “day” Samantha wakes up confused as to how and why she is still alive. She then realizes that the same day she lived previously, is again, the day she is living at that moment. Since she knows what is bound to come, she goes through her days events to change the outcome of her day. This heavily revolves around the existentialist philosophy of how an individual has freedom of choice, and Kierkegaard's philosophy of how life is a series of choices with regretful actions bound to come with those

In this essay, the author

  • Explains existentialism as a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. sren kierkegaard's theory correlates to the movie, before i fall, directed and adapted by ry russo-young.
  • Explains that before i fall is a fictitious movie targeted to young adult audiences.
  • Describes sren kierkegaard as a danish philosopher, satirist, psychologist, journalist, and literary critic. his philosophy revolves around an individual having the right to control and make their own decisions in life.
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