Movie Analysis: The Wolf Of Wall Street

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The movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, tells us story of Jordan Belfort, a young man whose dream is to become a billionaire in the largest financial center, Wall Street. Jordan Belfort first job as a Wall Street stockbroker for L.F.Rothhschild where he met his boss, Mark Hanna, who entices him with the sex and drug and teaches him that a stockbroker is the only job make a lot of money for himself. He was married to Denise Lombardo which he was not famous and rich at the time. Black Monday hits L.F.Rothhschild goes out of business, and Belfort now is unemployed. Belfort goes to work for a low-rent firm that deals in penny stocks and soon impressive everyone around him like Dwayne. Belfort recruits some of his friends and his neighbor, Donnie Azoff,…show more content…
Nocera writes that “the techno-speak goes in and out the other. What they’ll remember is that in the Madden deal, Mr. Belfort made $23 million in two hours.” It shows how money can make people downgrade and do unethical things. The author mentions that “What is mesmerizing about Mr. Belfort (played in the film by Mr. DiCapio) is that he is an extremely example of smooth talking, I-can-sell-anything, salesman. And he’s hardly first such type in finance.” Nocera determines that all the brokers including in the movie and in the case of Goldman are salesman, they have a good skill of persuading people to buy their stocks. Finally, Nocera says that “the movie takes full advantages of drug-addled night and sexcapades in the office during trading hours.” Mr. Belfort makes his company Stratton Oakmont resemble the most depraved brokerage in the world, and the movie has many senses that make the audiences feel uncomfortable and unbelievable what a typical financial company in Wall Street would be…show more content…
As Norcera and Scott, mentioned above that Belford was very smart at some point, he knew the gaps of the law and ways to made money illegally by selling out stocks. Also, the film shows that somewhere in this society still exist about sex discrimination which some women may find abusive. In addition, buyers should be aware of the rich that makes us mesmerized or curious about them which leads us to invest without considering and careful. Last but not least, this fascinating film will show the audience the life of being a wolf in a world of

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