Movie Analysis: The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

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Sofia Coppola’s movie, The Virgin Suicides, 1999, brings to the forefront the reality of what life is like for five oppressed teenage girls living in suburbia in the mid-70’s. After examining numerous articles, a few of them made an impact on my perspective. The first of many articles is Todd Kennedy’s piece, Off with Hollywood’s Head: Sofia Coppola as Feminine Auteur. Kennedy discusses how Coppola has a tendency to lean toward directing films that cater toward females’ interest, either because of the visual imagery or women’s feelings of connectedness with the characters. The author reveals that The Virgin Suicides portrays women as becoming dominated by the environment surrounding them. The author gives an interesting point of view when he claims, “The film tells a story of the five Lisbon sisters whose identities exist only insofar as they are defined as the objects of the masculine desire” (44). Furthermore, the Kennedy asserts how the film serves as a prolonged exploration into the degree to which female characters are idealized, objectified, and defined by the image that the film- and their society- imposes upon them.
The second of the sources was Lucy Tonic’s article, Analysis of “The Virgin Suicides”. Tonic brings to the forefront a metaphoric viewpoint. To begin with, she has the suspicion that Cecilia, the first of the Lisbon girls to commit suicide was being sexually abused throughout the film by her father. For instance, Tonic claims, “There was some underlying event taking place that was disguised. Unlike Cecilia’s four sisters, who shared two rooms between them, Cecilia for some reason had her own room.” Tonic reveals that it is odd the youngest of the four girls gets her own room. Additionally, ...

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