Movie Analysis : The Film Industry

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Regardless of the barriers that plague the industry or the other mediums emerging, the film industry continues to have a special place in the hearts of many today. The film industry sparked a change in culture and society dating back to when it first started in the 1920s. There were a large number of people going to the movie theaters during this time, more people even went to the movie theater than the church on Sundays during this time (Weinbrenner 2011). With so many people watching movies every day, the way people perceived the world had changed based on the movies that they had watched. Movies had caused the people who watched them to believe that whatever they saw on the screen is rational and realistic (Weinbrenner 2011). This changed how the behaviors of people were perceived in society. Movie watchers were no longer inclined to judge the immoral behavior of another person because after watching the same immoral behavior in a film, they believe that it is rational (Weinbrenner 2011). The same effect of movies on culture and the way people perceive others in society still ex...

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