Movie Analysis: Psychoanalysis Of The Breakfast Club

Psychoanalysis of The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club is a movie about five high school students who are forced to serve a Saturday detention, as well as write a lengthy essay about who they think they really are. I chose to psychoanalyze this particular film due to the sheer pleasure i receive when i watch it. The Breakfast Club epitomizes high school cliques and dramatizes each of the respective student’s need to belong. All of the main characters in the movie, Brian, Claire, Bender, Andrew, and Allison, have very distinct psychological issues that they are dealing with internally. In this paper, i will attempt to breakdown and analyze the schemas of each of the teens to better understand the emotional and physical plights that they undergo on a daily basis.
Brian, the brain of the bunch, is the last person that should be in detention. He is described by Bender as “a parents wet dream” who still gets his lunches made for him by his mom. Throughout the movie, Brian is subject to verbal abuse from the others because to his great grades and his seemingly perfect home life, however, he is extremely self-conscious. Brian lacks the confidence to tell the others that he will not write their papers for them. Instead of confrontation, he writes one paper for the whole group. Peer pressure is something that he comes in contact with during the movie. When the group goes to smoke marijuana, he follows them in an attempt to be accepted and to seem “cool, sporting a pair of Ray Bans. During the main, climatic conversation that the five of them have at the end of the film, Brian revels to the group that he brought a gun to school and was going to kill himself over a bad grade in shop. The extreme competitiveness that our society places on...

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...he’s serving a Saturday detention when she does not have to. When Claire helps Allisons by changing her look at the end of the movie, all of the guys noticed and treated her differently. She was no longer looked like a crazy artist, but a beautiful woman who just needed some coaxing to break out of her shell.
It is apparent that my psychoanalytical research of The Breakfast Club reveals each character's persona in school is not who they actually are. The walls that they came into detention with that Saturday came toppling down Brian’s pencil and onto a piece of paper in the shape of a letter to Mr.Vernon explaining that they are more than the stereotypes that he sees them as. The five students entered Sherman High School as a jock, a princess, a basket case, a brain, and a criminal, but they left as friends bonded by the fact that they are not alone in this world.

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