Movie Analysis Of The Movie 'Home Alone'

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“Home Alone” is a brilliant, sweet, and downright hilarious Christmas film. From the witty child who is mistakenly forgotten at home while the rest of the family flies to Paris, to the heartwarming ending, it shows us of how chaotic yet silly Christmas and family can really be. The title alone reminds us of how scary being left alone as a child could be. Although being left alone could be an ultimate disaster, there are also many advantages taken up by the especially devious child left behind.
There are many perfect scenes in the movie that are both silly and warming. One of these is when Kevin is standing in the mirror, fresh out of the shower, singing into his makeshift microphone-of-a-hair comb the Christmas classic: “White Christmas”.
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After getting in a fight with his mom the night before the trip, he is sent to sleep in the attic, where he makes the wish that he could just get rid of his family. When he wakes up in the morning, he realizes that no one is home, and he has the house to himself. He is shocked, surprised but thrilled that his wish came true. Rather than being frightened like the typical child, he looks at the situation as more of a celebration, and does nothing but take advantage. He runs around the house yelling, jumps on his parents bed, eats junk food, watches movies he isn’t typically allowed to watch, goes through his older brothers room, and uses his father’s shower products.
I too, and many other kids, knew the feeling of excitement that Kevin was feeling. Even though at times it was scary being by myself and hearing weird noises, I would take advantage of the exciting thrill of being left home alone. From eating someone else’s candy, stealing my mother’s makeup, and watching a Tv show i wasn’t allowed to watch, being home alone was such a thrill when I was younger. There were no boundaries in my little mind, and I would feel so happily deceitful doing things I typically couldn’t in those days. This movie brings back the feelings of those
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There are no flights back home by the time they realize they left Kevin, so they are stuck in Paris. They try calling people back home to see if Kevin is okay, but no one is returning their calls. In the real world, this would typically not be a real situation, regarding the fact that most moms are so protective over their children and would make sure to find a way that they are protected.
The movie is filmed in the snowy winter scene of Chicago, where the McAlister family lives. It is the ideal place for the Christmas movie to be filmed because of all the beautiful suburbs decked out with Christmas decor and loads of pure white snow. There is also a large church with a nativity scene and an ice skating rink, reminding us of some typical Christmas traditions as Kevin goes to these places in the
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