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Disney’s 1997 film, Hercules, begins as the newborn Hercules, son of gods Zeus and Hera, is beheld in celebration by many Greek gods in the city of Olympus. Zeus and Hera are enamoured with their newborn son, and gift him a flying horse known as Pegasus. While many of the gods are enjoying the festivities, Hades, the jealous brother of Zeus, wants to overthrow Zeus and take Olympus as his own. Hades, in desperation, turns to the Fates in order to gain insight of the future. The Fates tell Hades that, in eighteen years, a planetary alignment will occur which will allow him to free the titans and take over Olympus, but only if Hercules does not interfere. Perturbed by this news, Hades orders his minions, Pain and Panic, to capture Hercules and remove his powers with a magic potion. The two succeed in their heist, but fail to give Hercules the whole potion, which turns him mortal, but fails to remove his strength. Two farmers stumble across baby Hercules and decide to adopt him, naming him hercules due to the name on his necklace.…show more content…
Hercules is held as a social outcast in the town, due to his abnormal strength and clumsiness. Hercules begins to wonder where he’s from and what his greater goal is. Hercules foster parents give him the necklace he had been wearing when they found him, which sets him on a journey to find answers. Hercules travels to the statue of Zeus for answers, which reanimates, and informs him that he is the son of Zeus and Hera. Zeus also tells Hercules that in order to become a god, he must be a true hero. Hercules decides that he will become a true hero in order to become a god, so Zeus returns Pegasus and instructs him to find the satyr, Phil, so he can be

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