Movie Analysis: Lars And The Real Girl

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The Movie Lars and The Real Girl are essentially about a man who has a psychological issue. Lars has delusional disorder in the movie his family became very concerned for him and took him to see a psychologist. She was able to listen to his family’s concerns and was able to listen to Lars issues and help diagnose him without concerning him. In the movie the treatment was professional but had its flaws. His treatment helped him and made him move on from his problems. Psychotherapy for the use of intervention could help Lars to get through his disorder. Although Lars seemed unaware of his issues the doctor understood that there was more to his dilution then what was on the outside.
It is shown in the movie being diagnosed clinically. Lars
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He is in love with an object which is called Bianca. The psychologist in the movie spends time talking to him and finding out his personality. Lars is a nice guy and these dilutions actually show his emotional attitudes. Lars has a great support system who are there for him even though they believe he is not in his right mind. Lars functions like a normal citizen he goes to work and talks with his coworkers. At the beginning Lars is introverted when people talk to him he shy’s away. Which I would diagnose him with Social Anxiety Disorder. When ______ comes to visit she changes Lars personality between him and his family. He is excited t introduce her and is all smiles. He does not seem to have any worries about if his family will except his new girlfriend. He is completely oblivious to that fact that she is a doll and is not real. He talks to her and feeds her as if she were real. He shows her places that are special to him like when he takes her to the lake or his tree house in the woods. He has his family members check on her and bathe her. When Karin tells him that they were worried about her wellbeing and wanted to take her to the doctors they ended up doing so. Also when tragedy strikes he feels like he should get her medical care as if she were a breathing human…show more content…
I believe Psychoanalytic therapy would have been the best for him. This could uncover what’s been bugging Lars from the past. Also he is not aware that he even has a disorder so this could help him to understand better that there is something wrong with him. If the psychologist were to spend some time with the family it would be the psychodynamic type of therapy that they might actually need to deal with this issue. This would be the best way to intervene with the client because it is all about what he has gone through in his past. What made him idolize and fall in love with this life less figure? My thoughts are is that he still thinks about his mom and wants that connection or bond with a female figure. His father probably had very few connections with other women after his mother’s passing. This would be a good question to ask Lars just so the psychologist can have a real explanation on his fixation of the
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