Movie Analysis : Hollywood Worst Habits

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Whitewashing is Hollywood worst habits. Film studios are casting white actor to play as the lead role in movies in which they assume that Americans would rather see a white face than a non-white-person playing for the role, despite what ethnicity the role is call for. Hollywood writers and directors do have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnicity characters. When watching a film, people often come across seeing actors of color being cast and asked to play stereotypical roles- such as immigrants, maids, thugs and prostitutes. This shows everyone that blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians American, and Arab Americans are still being face by being stereotype on the big screen. Over decade of years whitewashing has been a serious subject to Americans since Hollywood director and writers cast white actors to play as different ethnicity such as wearing blackface or yellow face instead casting people of color to play that role. Stereotyping is a form of pre judgement in which directors and writers have been doing for many years now by casting white actors for the lead role in the film such as The Last air bender, and the Hunger games, to stereotyping Asian Americans in film and television. For many years now ethnic and racial stereotype have been portrayed in many forms of television and films. In the film the last Air bender it has encountered a significant amount of backlash over casting decisions on Caucasian actors to play for the lead role. When watching the film in anime on nickelodeon, it clearly shows the characters as Asian or native decent. Within the film the director Shyamalan has completely whitewash the story by casting Caucasian actors as hero and casting the villain, secondary characters and backgr... ... middle of paper ... ...eople of color if that specific role it meant to be cast for people of color instead white washing the whole film. The media has greatly influences people all around by changing their view of how a certain ethnicity is stereotype by giving audience the assumption that all ethnic character that are cast in a specific role act that way in real life. Hollywood writers and directors should have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters, because for example, Germans are stereotype to be Nazi in films, but in reality they wouldn’t want to formally be know or be reminded for their past. In fact Directors and writer should avoid stereotype by casting unexpected character to play for the role, such as casting someone to be a bully, well that person doesn’t necessary has to be mean, big, and tough person it could simply be a nerd portraying as the bully.

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