Movie Analysis: Crash By Paul Haggis

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Movie Analysis: “Crash” “Crash” by Paul Haggis is a story that follows the lives of several people over a 36 hour time period. It followed how race and discrimination affected these people 's lives throughout Los Angeles and how each of them were intertwined in some way, shape, or form. This was my first time viewing the film and I actually really enjoyed it. I felt as if it was pulling at my emotional side while also being suspenseful. I really appreciated how it followed the lives of very different people and I think that the director did a really good job of portraying how racial discrimination affects people’s everyday lives. I usually watch boring movies in my classes, however, I was really interested in finishing this one. The story behind this movie was really well thought out and relatable through…show more content…
Some of the song titles include “Take the Pain Away”, “Afraid”, and “Maybe Tomorrow”. I think that these songs further enhanced the messages that the movie is trying to portray. I think that pain, fear, and optimism are major themes within this movie.

In the scene where Rick and Jean Cabot get carjacked, they encounter Anthony and Peter (two African American black males). As soon as Jean realizes the two black men standing before her, her affect displays show the true feelings that she had in that moment. She quickly glances over to look at them and then tries to avoid eye contact which shows her fear and uneasiness towards them. She also portrayed an example of proxemics when she suddenly went from walking normally down the sidewalk to moving closer to her husband to avoid Anthony and Peter being in her personal zone. Rick Cabot is also a perfect example of impression management. As the district attorney, he uses the carjacking that happened as a indication that he was race sensitive. He uses this as a political card to make himself look

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