Movie Analysis: Brokeback Mountain and The Love of Siam

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Brokeback Mountain and The Love of Siam are two movies, which two main characters from each film, namely Ennis and Jack from Brokeback Mountain and Mew and Tong from The Love of Siam, all four of them have a connection that goes from friendship to a homosexual relationship, respectively. Four of them are commoners that end up being infatuated with each other.

These commoners have situations that they breeze along that directed them to a same-sex relationship amongst them.

In particular, Ennis and Jack takes on shepherding job on Brokeback Mountain together, and while being there together for a long time and having each other’s back, their friendship becomes stronger. This strong relationship takes on a new entitlement, whereby their homosexuality towards each other starts rising. Something similar happen with Mew and Tong, where the two of them have each other’s back. The supports coming from both sides has formed a stronger relationship between them. Due to that, their fondness towards each other begins to go against common human’s nature.

Both movies progresses fr...

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