Movie Analyses

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Movie Analyses

There is more to movies than pure visual quality and simple, predictable plots. While a movie may be able to appeal to masses of people with pure visceral quality, most quality movies have more in the way of character interaction and establish of an environment that suits the movie. There are many qualities to judge a movie by, but it is best to find qualities that certain movies share in common to best judge the two. The three movies being compared and contrasted in this paper are The House of Games, Blue Velvet, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. To best analyze these movies, they will be looked at from three viewpoints: their use of both physical and emotional relationships, their use of surrealism, and their use of art and music. Before one can learn anything about the three movies, they need some type of prior knowledge of what the movies are about.

One of the movies being discussed is The House of Games. This movie is about a con artist, named Mike, who draws in a psychologist, named Margaret, into a very complex con through building her trust in him through a sexual relationship. Neither Margaret nor the audience is given any real clues that the relationship between the two is a hoax, and at the end of the film, the audience is shocked to make the discovery that Mike had no real feelings for Margaret as he cons her out of a large sum of money. After realizing the falsity of this relationship, Margaret essentially loses her mind, and ends up killing Mike. The next movie gone over is Blue Velvet, a combination of small-town satire and a mystery that taps into a man's most twisted sexual urges. The film takes place in a small town called Lumberton consists basically of four characters:

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...ay from Tomas time and time again, and Tomas proves this when he flees to his second main relationship, between him and Tereza, after it seemed him and Sabina were about to fall in love. The second relationship just mentioned is basically the exact opposite as the first one. Although it began similar to Tomas’ relationship with Sabina, it evolved throughout the movie to become less and less physical, and more about love. This is basically Tomas’s main conflict throughout the whole movie: although he was truly in love with Tereza and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he was unable to connect the physical relationship with the emotional, and Tereza had trouble believing that he truly was in love with her. The main thing the movie is trying to say about relationships is that sex and love are not necessarily the same thing, though they are often connected.
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