Movement Analysis Investigative Study

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Movement Analysis Investigative Study – Sport Science Purpose: The purpose of a golf swing is to be as consistent and accurate as possible using the right amount of velocity ensuring the ball makes the distance preferred. Aim: To analyse a motor program/motor skill and dissect the technique and process, also to improve your own technique of that skill in the process if need be. Biomechanics: Biomechanics is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. (Mackenzie, B 2004) Biomechanics applies the laws of mechanics and physics in human performance, in order to gain a greater understanding of performance in athletic events through modeling, simulation and measurement. Biomechanics is a diverse interdisciplinary field, with branches in Zoology, Botany, Physical Anthropology, Orthopedics, Bioengineering and Human Performance. The general role of biomechanics is to understand the mechanical cause-effect relationships that determine the motions of living organisms. In relation to sport, biomechanics contributes to the description, explanation, and prediction of the mechanical aspects of human exercise, sport and play. (TopEndSports, 2013) Subroutines: 1. Stance: Foot positioning (Shoulder width apart) 2. Grip: Choosing the correct grip that suits you comfortably. 3. Backswing: Drawing the club backwards gaining momentum and setting up the swing. 4. Downward swing: Swinging down with the right amount of force and velocity to successfully hit the ball the furthest you possibly can with correct accuracy. 5. Impact: Connection with the ball, keeping in mind what power and accuracy is needed. 6. Follow thro... ... middle of paper ... ... or left depending on which stance is taken. This process also happens during the follow through stage after point of impact. Adduction: The movement of a limb towards the midline or axis of the body. During the downswing phase of the swing the arms move from the right side of the body towards the midline of the body then continue to the left (Abduction). Kinematics The area of biomechanics that studies the description of motion A golf swing is a great example of Angular motion. Angular motion is motion of all parts of the object move around a fixed point. E.g. the club and arms move from one side of the body to the other. Right to left. A golf swing can include projectile motion as well through the golf ball. Kinetics The area of biomechanics that studies the influence of the movement on a body. Kinetics is the study of the forces associated with motion.
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