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Mountain Man Brewing Company was founded in 1925 by Guntar Prangel who was a coal miner with a home brewery. Consequently, his single product brand “Mountain Man” is marketed largely to other coal miners. Today, the company is still seen as an attractive brand that produces a quality product. Mountain Man Lager emphasizes the use of quality ingredients as well as a bitter flavor and dark coloring. Mountain Man has been an established brand for over 75 years and has the loyalty of older blue-collar clientele. Their lager is the market leader in West Virginia, but Mountain Man also has a strong following in other states such as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. It has generated over $50 million in revenue with 520,000 barrels sold. Not to mention, Mountain Man Lager has been voted as the best known regional beer and has also won “best beer” awards in West Virginia and Indiana. The main advantage that Mountain Man Beer Company has is the loyalty of its consumers, without this loyalty sales will dramatically decrease. Mountain Man has many unique factors that add value to their brand. First and foremost, Mountain Man is family owned and therefore perceived as being high quality and considered a legacy product. The lager also has a reputation of being a miner’s beer and many people seem to drink Mountain Man in an attempt to connect with previous generations. Their fathers and grandfathers drank Mountain Man and they want to drink it too. Mountain Man lager is respected for its old school, regional brew characteristics (strong, dark, and bitter). The beer’s primary consumers are mainly blue-collar men who are in the middle-to-lower income bracket and over the age of 45. Due to these unique qualities, Mountain Man had created a str... ... middle of paper ... ever decreasing demand in the market is not going to bring much success to the company. Light beer is what the market demand and a necessary risk Mountain Man needs to take if they want to attract new consumers. The initial product association between Mountain Man Light and Mountain Man Lager may be confusing to consumers in terms of flavor, but the association with quality ingredients is what should be emphasized. Mountain Man Light needs to set itself apart from other light beers by highlighting their quality ingredients, but they also need to separate itself from the bitterness of Mountain Man by delivering its own distinct flavor. With that said, the names ‘Mountain Man Light’ may not be the best name in terms of separating itself from Mountain Man Lager. Giving the light beer a unique name of its own is something Chris should strongly consider when branding.

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