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564 words

Two of the most deadliest disasters to ever occur were the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and the sinking of the Titanic. When Mount Vesuvius exploded it destroyed the town below known as pompeii, many people were buried in ash and suffocated to death, very few people made it away from this horrifying disaster. This buried city was lost and forgotten for decades, until it was finally found again buried underneath many feet of ash. The Titanic was labeled the fanciest ship ever built, many important and rich people were aboard this “unsinkable ship”, nobody thought anything could go wrong, that's when disaster struck, the ship hit an iceberg and was sinking. People rushed into lifeboats trying to escape before death, many did not make it onto …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the eruption of mount vesuvius and the sinking of the titanic were the deadliest disasters to ever occur.
  • Describes how the titanic sunk many people, leaving them devastated and depressed. the ship carpathia dropped off the survivors in new york, which left them sad and lonely. mount vesuvius was another disaster where people lost a lot.
  • Explains that the people who lived through the titanic sinking had to persevere through there challenges by getting a job so they could earn the money to go back to where they lived.
  • Concludes that both the titanic sinking and the eruption of mount vesuvius were very deadly and sad points in time for many.

Some of the wealthiest people now had no money, and were forced to work for it all again. For some people after the sinking family wasn't all they lost, some people had lost everything and never really got it back. Most of them would never forget everything they had lost on the titanic, but some of them realized they were lucky to still be alive, for many people on the titanic were not. When pompeii got destroyed by Mount vesuvius people had to overcome the challenges that were brought to them. They had to travel great distances to get to another city, once there they had to find a job and earn money so they could have somewhere to live. They had to earn enough money to get everything back and have a good life again, but some were never able to even get somewhere to sleep. They found ways to make life better for them but there life was probably never the same as it was before the destruction of the city of pompeii. In conclusion both the titanic sinking and the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius were very deadly and sad points in time for many. A lot of people lost everything they had, and everyone that was important to them. Through all this pain the survivors of these two disasters learned to persevere through there challenges and start a new life. The people who survived these disasters were very lucky to still be

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