Mount Royal Park

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Mount Royal Park is a significant mark of industrialization, a necessity during industrialization and it couldn’t be built because of it.

As a booming industrial metropolis in the 19th century, Montreal faced lots of problems such as pollution, overpopulation, unhealthy living conditions and harsh working environment. Under such circumstances, Mont Royal Park was needed by people, especially working classes as a multifunction public open space by remitting their intensive working stress and reliving them from highly urbanized environment. With the progress of industrialization, urbanization began in the city. The creation of open green areas is one essential element in urbanization development. New York Central Park, as a successful precedent of a public city park in a metropolis, supported the proposal of creating a park that was made by Sir James Alexander in 1840. Mount Royal is chosen for its natural beauty and convenience of its location. Frederic Law Olmsted was named to be the main designer of Mount Royal Park. He saw the suffering brought from industrialization and use that as foundation of his plans for the park and this resulted a far different park from other parks built before industrialization.
In the setting of industrialization, building a public space like a city park is desirable, especially for working classes in a metropolis like Montreal. Until the first half of the 19th century, Canada’s industry operated by shipping raw materials to Great Britain in exchange of manufactured goods. Around 1840, the completion of Lachine canal and railway network made Montreal a transportation hub, in the addition of having one of the largest Canadian ports and being Canada’s financial and commercial center speeded up the pr...

... middle of paper ... of urbanization, Mount Royal Park and its main street, Park Avenue, presented a Montreal version of the application of the principles of the City Beautiful movement since the year of 1873 when their construction began. Before the proposal of having a park in Montreal and during the design of the park, New York Central Park had provided an excellent example of how a successful city park being designed, constructed and operated which supported and expedited the creation of Mount Royal Park in the following years. Between the year if 1821 and 1855, New York City almost quadrupled in population. As the city became crowded and crowded, people were drawn to the few existing open green spaces, mostly cemeteries, to get away from the stressful, busy and chaotic life that is typical in a metropolis. Therefore, although Central Park is not in the Commission’s Plan of 1811,
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