Mount Everest Persuasive Essay

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Mount Everest stands today as the world’s highest mountain above sea level. The thought of climbing Mount Everest runs through the mind of many. Just being able to find oneself at the top of the world drives many to accept the challenge. Climbing Mount Everest can be considered a humans greatest accomplishment, although along with this life accomplishment many carry a burden.
The race to be at top of the world began in the early 1900’s after Mount Everest had been declared the highest point on earth. The first successful trip to the summit and back was successfully achieved by two men. In May 29, 1953, after seven weeks of climbing, Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay had become the first people to successfully reach the top of Mount Everest.
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Some may argue that as humans we pursue our ambitions. For some their ambition is being on top of the world. People may also argue the cost of Mount Everest is little to the experience that one gets. Companies and other climbers also argue that lots experience isn’t necessary to climb the mountain, when you have hired Sherpa’s leading the way. Many would also argue that they don’t have burdens after climbing the mountain. Yes being able to stand on the top of the world is a great achievement to have However, some don’t stop to think about those who didn’t make it to the top. Others who paid the same amount as everyone to wind up either dead, with frostbite, or an injury and nothing to show for what they paid. Experience is an essential key part to be able to survive on the mountain. Companies due to large profit promise people on their website that they can make it to the top along with guided help. This type of advertising brings a new opinion about Mount Everest. It brings hope into people’s minds. All they will need is the money and the rest will be taken care of by the Company. Some just simply look at the successful guides a company has had and lower their perceived standards of Everest. In their mind the see the mountain as less of an obstacle. Yes those who have stood at the top will tell anyone it was the best feeling in the world but others beg to differ. Many once reaching the top just want to go back down. The experience one has in Mount Everest isn’t enjoyable but challenging in both a mental and physical

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