Motown, Motown: The Greatest Legacy Of Motown

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Motown of course, stands for more than just historic music. The label and it’s remarkable legacy is a reflection is the hard work of dedicated individuals overcoming incredible obstacles to achieve a great success. Because Detroit, has long been known as the “Motor City”, Gordy in tribute what he felt like was down-home quality of the warm, soulful people he grew up around, used town in place of city. Which gave him the contraction “Motown” and the perfect name for his company and new label “Motown”. A man of vision, drive, talent, and determination, Berry Gordy was also a producer, Innovative entrepreneur, and teacher. The great success of Motown records contributes all the embodies and all the talent he brought out in others. Under his leadership and through determination and support of the family Motown and artist, Gordy forged new grounds…show more content…
Motown broke down racial prejudice by becoming the most successful independent record company in history and the most successful African-American owned business in America. In 1968, the company has 5 records out of the top 10 on Billboard’s hot 100 chart. In the late 80s and 90s all of Motown’s major artist were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Upon his own induction in 1988, Motown’s founder was given the follow tribute: “ Gordy endeavored to reach across the racial divide with music that could touch all people, regardless of the color of their skin. Under this tutelage, Motown became a model of black capitalism, pride and self expression and a repository for some of the greatest talent ever assembled at one company...Motown’s stable of singers, songwriters, and musicians took the concept of simple, catchy pop songs to a intensity...After Motown, black popular music would never again be dismissed as a minority taste...Aesthetically no less than commercially, Motown’s achievements will likely remain unrivaled and

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