Motivations And Challenges In Americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Immigration has been a long term subject in history. People who immigrated to this country have left a legacy in history and have shaped our country. Immigrants have motives to leave their country. Although, they are coming into another country in seek of a better life, they face many challenges once they are here. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie presents these motivations and challenges in Americanah, through the protagonists. In Americanah, Adichie teaches the reader that immigrants have a wide variety of motivations and challenges, which include the pursuit of happiness, American dream, language barriers, and employment. Americanah teaches the reader about the challenges of coping with a new language in America. Not only is the language important…show more content…
When we hear the word “pursuit” we think about following a path or seeking something. Immigrants are seeking to find a better life in America than what they were living before. In Americanah, Ifemelu and Obinze experience strikes at their schools, making their lives harder to cope with and challenging their education. Adichie says, “strikes were common now” to demonstrate that people have gotten used to the strikes occurring in Nigeria (120). Adichie also gives examples of people who were headed to another country to escape the strikes. For example, she says “even Emenike had left for England” (120). This shows how the occurrences in a country motivates immigrants to migrate to another country in seek of a better…show more content…
Americanah teaches the reader that the journey to a different country is notisn’t always easy even though the immigrant is seeking a better life. Also, Americanah teaches the reader that the motivations of immigrants may overpower the reality of the situations at a new country. Immigrants may face the challenges of language barriers and employment, and have the motivations of pursuit of happiness and the American dream. Although you may go through tough situations, being motivated to do what you want to do can conquer
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