Motivational Enhancement Therapy Essay

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1. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET): Motivational Enhancement therapy is a more aggressive counseling approach that helps clients get over their fears, confusion, denials or whatever mixed feelings they have towards their disorder. Rather than guide clients through a step by step process for their recovery, it uses a motivational process to produce rapid, internally motivated change. Example: As a counselor, I would begin by setting up about four sessions with my client. In those sessions, I would express empathy. I would refrain from judging my client; I would show him/her utmost respect, use active and reflective listening and total acceptance. 2. Stages of change: Stages of Change implies a series of changes a client goes through…show more content…
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): is a form of treatment that focuses on how a client thinks, their behavior, their beliefs, and attitudes. Research shows that clients with co-occurring disorder display a negatively distorted view of themselves, their environment and the future. Through CBT, clients are taught effective coping strategies for dealing with these different problems throughout…show more content…
It teaches clients strategies on how to deal with common situations they might find themselves. The Substance abuse management module teaches clients how to practice damage control (If they slip, to quit early), how to escape high-risk situations( when someone offers them drugs), how to avoid high-risk situation( to not get into situations where they can't say no), and how to seek healthy pleasures; how to find things that they enjoy that are fun and healthy. Example: As a counselor, I would continue to educate my client on relapse prevention. I would continue to encourage him/her to find things they enjoy that are fun and healthy. Also, I would encourage them to continue going to their support groups to enhance their social

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