Motivation Factors Affecting Individual Employees

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1.0 THE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The report is organized through the study of both primary and secondary sources of information. I have tried to put the concrete information aside from the limitations we have faced in preparing the report. This report fulfills the requirements of the specific grounds and objectives. 1.1 The Grounds of Approval and Submittal The report was assigned to me by my honorable course instructor, Asoke Kumar Saha as a requisite of the course to assess my understanding of the Organizational Behavior aspects in practical. 1.2 Objective of the Report In every study there should be organized and specific purposes and objectives. A careful statement and purpose helps in the preparation of a well decorated report on which others can take a right type of decisions. The broad objectives of the study are as follows: • To achieve the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge. • Investigate that “motivation” is one of the major factor of HSBC. • How the motivation factors affects on individual employees. • Have an overall picture of motivational factors of HSBC Bank. • How an individual “Develop Career” in HSBC. • Have a clear idea about their career development process. 1.3 Collection of Information from Interview and Internet The data used in this report were collected from primary as well as secondary sources. Primary sources include a formal interview with a HR manager of HSBC Bank Limited. Secondary sources include the official web site of HSBC and other publications on HSBC. The report was prepared through some sequential steps. It was compiled into the following steps- i. In the first step, an appointment with Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman of HR department at HSBC was made and he was interviewed. ii. The... ... middle of paper ... ...agement. HSBC Bangladesh CSR focuses on the Education for underprivileged children, Assistance for the disabled/needy, Support for the environment, and Promotion of Bengali culture. As the world 's first carbon neutral bank, HSBC pursue environmental initiatives throughout our organization. They also give efforts to help other organizations and individuals play their part in minimizing climate change. HSBC believes that young people deserve the best start in life - from a roof over their head to developing a positive attitude. They have lots of programs by which HSBC supports young people and education around the world. HSBC Bangladesh also partakes in activities that help the disadvantage/disabled and promote awareness and appreciation about the local culture. With the entire thing HSBC is now becoming one of the large organizations in banking sector of Bangladesh.
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