Motivation And Motivation

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Motivation (a few definitions): (1) A psychological concept with no single universally accepted definition, but which organisational sociologists believe concerns the determinants of intent, effort and tenacity, factors that push or pull us as individuals to behave in a particular manner. (2) Feelings that drive someone toward a particular objective. (3) The push of the mental forces to accomplish an action. Unsatisfied needs motivate. On the biological level basic human needs of food, shelter and survival are powerful motivators. On the psychological level people need to be understood, affirmed, validated and appreciated. On the business level motivation occurs when people perceive a clear business reason for pursuing a transfer of knowledge…show more content…
for much of our lives. Many of us step in and out of 'motivation' on a daily (if not, hourly) basis. "I can't be bothered today" is a line I've heard thousands of times in my job. "Do it anyway" I say. "But I'm not motivated!" "So do it... despite your lack of motivation." "Perhaps in the doing... you'll get motivated!" "It's not normal... but it is possible." And the amazing thing about doing 'stuff', the stuff we know we should do (even when we're not 'motivated to do it') is that once it's done, we're SO glad we did it (and we usually discover we actually are legitimately motivated after we've done it)... and then we also discover we've developed some new getting-crap-done-even-when-we-don't-feel-like-it skills! Good skills to have. Trust me. If we only do the things we need to do (to create our desired outcomes and achieve our goals) when we feel like it... then we'll never achieve much because we'll be perpetually starting and stopping. After all, nobody feels motivated (excited, pumped, positive, focused, in-the-zone) permanently. Lesson one: People who succeed are usually the ones who continue to do what they need to... even when their feeling of motivation isn't…show more content…
We change our eating habits... for three days. We plan our 'new' business venture.... for ten years! We get pumped... we lose focus. And while there are always a range of 'reasons' why we never finish what we start (some of them legitimate, some not), the truth is, we spend far too much time rationalising, explaining and justifying to ourselves and others why we never get the job done. Lesson two: Motivation needs to be a commitment, a philosophy and a choice, not an emotional state. I consider myself to be a highly-motivated person... but I often don't 'feel' motivated. I have made the choice to be a motivated individual. I walk into a room (to do a presentation) and I have already made a commitment and a decision to be (personally) motivated and (publicly) motivating. This is how it works for me: (1) I choose to be motivated. (2) I 'behave' motivated... even if I don't 'feel' like it (body language, communication, energy, attitude). (3) Usually within a short period of time I start to feel genuinely different (excited, positive, happier) (4) Not only am I 'behaving' motivated but now I'm actually feeling motivated. Tony Robbins calls this 'changing

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