Motivation And Leadership Case Study

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1. What is leadership? Who is a leader?

Walker and Miller (2012) say that teams in any department of every industry in this world that exist, require a person to take charge and influence the staff in a charismatic and magnetic way. She/he needs to set an example and adhere to the company’s vision and mission to carry forward the required tasks successfully. A leader needs to always have the knowledge of the goals so that the ‘mission’ is carried out fruitfully in accordance to the company.

A leader is a person who carries out certain tasks and takes decisions for the team as a whole. They need to possess certain characteristics in order to label them as an effective leader. The following can be seen as clear traits that a leader must possess:

o They must be able to develop a good rapport among their subordinates. This can, in turn, lead to gaining mutual trust of the workers and also helps to build cooperation within the team. o A fairly important trait is that of making a connection. This could either be by showing interest in the other person and/or also skilfully listening to them regarding any matter. (Cottrell, 2015)

1.1 Motivation and Leadership

Motivation and leadership go hand in hand. Giuliani & Kurson (2002) explain that motivation is the encouragement of
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Firstly, leadership can be discussed through the trait approach. Bolden et al. (2003) characterized the Trait theory as a method to identify the characteristics and skills of a competent leader. Through this method, traits that are essential in the smooth functioning of an organization, can be sorted out. And then selecting people who possess such traits by placing them at various leadership positions. This theory was generally inconclusive as the skills and traits were quite inconsistent. A conclusion was drawn that people possessing such traits might make them leaders but the absence of the same does not prove to lead to unsuccessful

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