Motivation Action Plan-Motivating Students

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Self-Efficacy Theory is important to motivate students who do like study. The belief of Self-efficacy determines the students’ feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and motivations. Self-efficacy determines students’ abilities in their learning, while positive self-efficacy makes students think they have the abilities to complete learning tasks; this holds a positive and progressive learning attitude. However, when the students' self-efficacies are low and they don't think they can finish learning tasks, they will have negative thoughts, and learning enthusiasm will be discounted. Family, peers and education have important influences on students' self-efficacies. Parents should encourage them and help them when they have in trouble. Motivating students and their interests is also important, since their interest is the power of learning. Only interesting things around students will activate them to pursue, explore and become more active in their environment. When students ask questions, we should answer in a timely manner, so students can be better accepted. Normally, we should give affirma...
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