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Task 3
To start off, motivation can be described as an internal and external factor which stimulates desire and energy which can interest people in doing their works and their daily jobs in society. If people are motivated this means they are more likely to reach their goals. Motivation is a useful tool to keep the balance of work in a safe and satisfying environment, and also it makes the environment more pleasant to be around. This can reduce argument and problems which may arise in everyday life.
Why should managers reward their staff?
The reward system has many uses in an organisation of a company. Rewards can increase an employee’s motivation this can also help the company to be more competitive. People are the most important, if they are not getting involved or not recognised, their motivation will go down also the productivity goes down as well. A wise use of the reward system can encourage employees to gain new and beneficial skills to help themselves as well as the organisation to grow as well.
Overall, the link between motivation and reward is that if you keep your employee...

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