Motivation 3.0 And Motivation

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In today 's society people are compelled to enhance performance by having a voice in their work. In Daniel H. Pink 's book, Drive, he states the there is a third drive called motivation 3.0. Motivation 3.0 is a drive that values intrinsic rewards rather than external rewards. Consisting of three important branches autonomy, mastery, and purpose motivation 3.0 may flourish to its maximum potential when these are met. Autonomy is the notion that humans are self-directed, mastery consisting of having oneself being able to excel in their practices, and purpose to feel value in yourself or in your doings. People who work in the business environment should use motivation 3.0 because through autonomy…show more content…
Companies that apply autonomy in their businesses have advances in their jobs. Employees will be able to breathe in work because having autonomy will let workers do their job in peace and willingly. Pink mentions, "Zappos doesn 't monitor its customer service employees ' call times or require them to use scripts. The reps handle calls the way they want. Their job is to serve the customer well; how they do it is up to them” (Pink 102). This shows that some companies would rather give their employees freedom than a totalitarian environment. When employees feel free they have a positive attitude, which will reflect on their work ethic. In fact Pink also mentions that "... Zappos consistently ranks as one of the best companies for customer service in the United States...” (103). This is in indicator that autonomy worked for Zappos and made them surpass their rival companies that did not use autonomy in their field of work. Autonomy doesn’t let excessive routine into work and makes humans into workers that strive for…show more content…
Autonomy gives workers freedom to do their jobs as they please while having large increase in productivity. Mastery enlarges people’s skills and knowledge leading to more complex task that companies present. Purpose nevertheless causes workers to have a fulfillment in what they do and gives workers a healthier view of the future. Companies that use motivation 3.0 will surely have a better future for their business and their employees. Out with the old in with the new, motivation 3.0 is proven to work, so if businesses want a successful business that workers love then through autonomy, mastery, and purpose is the way to

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