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Motivation is the desire to achieve the goal or reason why is making you do something it makes you feel like that to continue work to achieve your goal. Also to be successful in lifestyle you will need a good motivation to have the opportunity to survive. For example, some students have got motivation to complete their education. To put it simply motivation is knows as an interaction of the individual and the situation. Remember that the level of motivation varies between each individual and among individuals in different time. This essay will seek to critically examine to understand what motivation is as well as evaluate the three theories. Maslow's theory based on that human has five needs. These needs depend from one person to another. In addition, they must first decide the level which satiable for persons and then improve to another stage. In other words, the person does not move to the next level until he makes an achievement in the previous level. For example, some people want to improve their career so they have to motivation to learn a foreign language. Maslow's theory describes the human needs to ensure that human life will be normal or will continue. What is more, all the needs that in the Maslow's hierarchy are important, but some are useful than others. So if you rise in the hierarchy the needs become less important. And whenever we went down to the bottom of those needs have become more important. ... ... middle of paper ... ...e a role and a clear impact of job satisfaction to the valuable roles played by Collective teamwork of the abundance of productivity and thus individual's sense of satisfaction and functional. In conclusion, despite some differences in the theories of Maslow's theory of note in that it provides a public framework for a simplified and useful to understand the motivations include the power for most people most of the time. However, some people may disagree with the theory in arranging for these needs. Herzberg theory based on the role and conditions of employment in the lives of individual workers, has Herzberg exploratory study through interviews in different locations trying to understand their feelings about their work. In my opinion the one which come with our knowledge is ERG theory needs the main reason because it leads to the desire to satisfy the high needs.

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