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The World Of The Tempest
Fourteen years before the play unfolds, the antagonist, Prospero is forced to flee the kingdom of Naples. His brother, Antonio, ruthlessly usurps his position as Duke of Milan, causing him to escape, thought dead, with his daughter Miranda. Now living on an undiscovered island whose inhabitants consist only of the evil witch, Sycorax and her son, Caliban and her slave, the spirit Ariel. As Prospero and Miranda arrive on the island, Caliban shows them its beauties and secrets. Making the island home, Prospero takes Caliban as his slave and frees Ariel from his/her painful ties to Sycorax. Fourteen years passed, Prospero has taken to practicing with magic so he can take revenge on those that plotted against him.
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Prospero uses magic to manipulate and control the island and those on it. He also uses the spirit, Ariel, to help achieve his desires. Prospero has his cape and wand and most importantly his books that appear the source of all his knowledge. Magic is what causes the ship to wreck in the beginning and continues to haunt the stranded noblemen.

As the play itself is called ‘The Tempest’, the storm acts as a symbol. It presents all the suffering and hardship Prospero endured himself; breaking down the ship and its royal voyagers as Prospero was broken down himself.

Acting Style
An overarching summary of the acting style in ‘The Tempest’ would be Melodramatic. This means their are the stock, stereotypical characters: The hero which is Prospero, the heroine which is Miranda, the joker which is Trinculo and Stephano, the villain who is Antonio, the villains accomplice who is Sebastian, the faithful servant who is Caliban and the lover, who is Ferdinand. Each of these characters would be exaggerated according to there stereotype. Melodramatic acting also presents emotions bigger and over the top; as suited to the Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre spaces and
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