Mothers Love Speech: A Mother's Love

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A Mothers Love Good morning every one What is love?Who is mother?Did you experience or feel the love of your mother?Frist of all before I will disscuss my topic let me share a quote " Never hurt your mother nothing is more painful than seeing tears in her eyes".My dear audince I share this quote to you to inspire you to never hurt our parents and never let them cry because of are behavior,are bad doing and disrespecting them.Frist of all before I will disscuss my topic let me ask you something do we love our mother with all are heart?Think about the things that our mother did to us the sacrifices, the forgiveness and the hardwork that they give to us to achive…show more content…
Mother!Mother are the one who will do everything to us to fulfil our happiness and to achive our dreams whether it is hard work and even they will not eat our mother will sacrife to make us happy.In our time some of us we didn’t valued the sacrifeces and their hardwork because we disobey them and we always think about our friends,girlfriend and boyfriend we didn’t even think our mother is working hard to give us a better future so everyone let us valued the hardwork of our mother let us give time to them so that our mothers will realize that we give valued to their hardwork.My dear audince do you think our mother will lend us to danger or bad things?In my opinion it is a no because many mother will not lend us to danger because we our important to our mother and there is no mother will teach their child to do a bad things.Some parents will do every thing to their child to give them a better life.Many mother is a protective and strict because we are important to them and they don’t want us to be ah bad person.My dear audince if you are intending to charge or ask your mother to pay the things or the work that you done please never charge them because our mother did not charge us for nine months that they our carrying us to their own womb,the toys that they buy,the foods that we eat,the clothes that we wear and the money for our allowance our mother did not charhe us because our mother loves us even if we are the most bad person in the world that is a mothers love.Everyone for nine months that they carry us in their own womb,for the years that they pray,worried,sacrifices,hardwork,tears,food,clothes and love did we ever say thank you,I love you and I am sorry to the things that our mother done for us?Maybe some of us will say yes or no beacause some of us we cannot express our own feeling to our mother and we cant not say the words that must be say to our mother because we are to shy and we don’t have the braveness to say what is in our heart and
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