Motherboard: The Soul of the Computer

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I. Introduction

II. Criteria in Choosing a Motherboard

A. Form Factor

This refers to the physical aspects of a motherboard. It simply categorizes motherboards into its general shape and size. Consequently, it would specify the type of power supply and case it can support. Standard form factors of IBM PC compatible industry, ensures interchangeability across generations of technology likewise with products of competing vendors. On the other hand, in enterprise computing, form factors ensure that server modules fit into existing rack mount systems.

B. Chipset

The chipset is a set of integrated microchips in the computer’s motherboard which is primarily intended to work with a particular group of microprocessors. It has an important job of determining the system’s performance, controlling the communication between the processor and external devices, handling a huge amount of data and directing data from the AGP bus which results to affecting the machine’s graphics performance. It is composed of two major microchips, the North Bridge which connects the CPU to the main memory and graphics controllers, and the South Bridge which manages the data to other integrated components and slower local buses like PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), ISA (Industry Standard Architecture).

C. Expansion Slots/Ports

Expansion slot is a type of port on the motherboard that allows the user to install additional features on the computer such as graphics performance enhancement and memory expansion. These slots offer computer flexibility and upgradability and permit devices such as network cards, sound cards, video cards, and modems to connect.

D. Reputation

This is merely a reflection of the company’s social status derived from th...

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