Mother Relationship In To Kill A Mockingbird

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As we begin to mature, we realize that the way we speak, act, and interact all stems from one place. In our life, our mothers play one of the leading roles in making us into the strong independent people that society needs. This topic is a great one of focus in the pieces of literatures that we have read and analyzed. It is clearly shown in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the narrative A Visit to Grandmother by William Melvin Kelley. These topics both help show the emotional involvement that one’s own mother brings to their life. In both of these novels the relationships the characters held with their mother was very grim as they both had problems. Jem had a very thoughtful and caring relationship while Charles on the other…show more content…
The mother in the story had her greatest impact on the elder child by the name of Jem. Jem was a very closed kid after the death of his mother, as it is shown in the novel that when he would play he would go around the barn and be by himself. The loss of his mother took a huge toll on him and how he developed as a character throughout the further course of the novel. He still turned out to be a fine person just how his mother had raised him, however the death forever made him a bit more distant and stern. A loss this big is enough to make someone reevaluate their life and change how they are as a person. This comes to prove that a maternal figure in your life in very important and sometimes we don’t all realize it until they are gone. Jem himself is a very kind figure in the novel and much of that stems from his relationship with his mother. In his life, she was very kind and nurturing and some of that rubbed off onto him. He continued to pursue sports and kept a very strong spirit in how he carried himself everyday. Just like his mother before him, Jem became a very strong, kindhearted character. He was able to enjoy the love of his mother for a very short time while others have their mothers and prefer to leave them instead of staying with them for their care, love and…show more content…
Charles was a very kind, warm hearted, caring and educated man even if he didn’t have the love, care, and support of his beloved mother. Charles was the oldest of the children and with that he didn’t receive as much attention as he would have wanted from his mother. His brother, GL, being younger than him received the most affection and attention from his mother. Charles being the oldest one received the hardest and most enforced punishment even if both him and GL had done something wrong.‘“ If GL and I did something wrong. you’d beat me first and then be too tired to beat him,”’ just as explained in the quote from the text GL’s and Charles’ mother wouldn’t beat GL because she would waste all her energy and force on beating Charles. Charles was tired of GL getting all his mother’s so he decided to leave his mother at a very young age as stated in the story, “Chig’s father had left home when he was fifteen.” (182) Charles left home, but still went off to becoming a doctor who people felt comfortable with. He also had a family and a boy named Chig. Charles may not have had his mother’s support and love but he still became someone in life and accomplished many things on his own. Overall Charles decides to leave his mother and making a living on

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