Mother Love Essay

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A Mother’s Love
Love is a four-letter word with so many meanings behind it. The definition of love is endless. I guess one can say that love is a very strong and beautiful feeling about a person. But actually love is much more than that. Mother’s love is a difficult concept to define; it has been felt throughout ages, with sacrifice, understanding, friendship and spirituality.
Love has no barrier for age. You can love and be loved at any age. From the time you are in your mother’s womb you get the love of your parents. The love of a mother especially is a love that has no boundaries. A mother’s love for her child is a perfect example of being loved since a young age.
In love, you can sacrifice anything for your loved ones. Making sacrifices
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Mothers are their child’s best friend. When everyone turns away, she is the one turning towards you, when you fall, she’s the one who helps you up, and when your heart is filled with despair, she’s the one who gives you a glimpse of hope. My mom is my best friend; she was always there for me. She is the only person who knows how to shop for me. Her style always influenced me. There were times when I did not listen and since then learned the hard way that mom does, in fact always knows the best. Every mother is like a detective; she will figure out what’s wrong no matter how many times you tell her “it’s nothing”. It’s the same with my mom, she can figure it out just by my…show more content…
A child may grow up and leave their mother behind, but the mother, never forgets or leaves that child behind in her heart. She is always praying for their welfare. She always wants the best for her child. To me, my mother is my security blanket. No matter how bad of a day she had, she will always be there with a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear for me. Even if she’s been screamed at all day, she will still be eager to hear my drama-filled gossips. My mom is my personal miracle. Whenever something becomes too much for me, she is there calming me down with just a hug and a kiss on my forehead. She is always there to company