Most Despicable Character in Glengarry Glen Ross, by David Mamet

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The definition of a despicable character is someone who is so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation. This definitely fits the description of some of the characters in the play Glengarry Glen Ross, by David Mamet. Glengarry Glen Ross is a play about real estate salesmen who are basically conmen that always just work toward getting the deal closed, whether or not the customer is happy with the deal. They fit the stereotype of car salesmen, always trying to get the deal closed with the customer walking away feeling that they paid way too much. Dave Moss is one such salesman, except that he is the most despicable among the entire group. In a scene of the play this guy actually has the guts to try to blackmail one of his fellow salesmen; a fellow friend. The conversation starts out as would any among friends, bsing about work or not getting paid enough. Then Dave slowly introduces the topic that their bosses are greedy and selfish, to plant the seed of distrust. They talk about this for a bit but then get around to what “somebody should do.” Dave says that “someone” should pay them back, and this leads into robbing the office. He talks about the logistics of this, that they would get a dollar fifty for each lead and such, but disarms the tense situation, saying that we were just “talking” about it. But he slowly leads into that he is actually planning on it, and wants Aaronow in on it. He then says that if he does it and Aaronow isn’t in then he would call him as an accomplice, trying to manipulate him into helping; a fellow friend. The best part of this blackmail is that not only is he going to rob his workplace, he’s going to sell out to another team of salesmen.

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