Most Common Types of Human Trafficking in the US

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Human trafficking, todays modern slavery, is happening in every country, but is more common in the United States than anywhere else. “On August 7th, 2013 four people in North Jersey were arrested and charged with human trafficking” (Uschak, 2014). Human trafficking has been slowly growing over the years. Many people are still unaware how bad human trafficking is today. The most common types of human trafficking are sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Over half of human trafficking is sex trafficking, after that it is labor trafficking then debt bond trafficking.

When it comes to human trafficking gender, race and ethnicity do not matter, anyone could be taken at any moment of the day. It is the third largest criminal organized enterprise in the world (Walker-Rodriguez & Hill, 2011) just below drug smuggling and illegal arms trade. It is the fastest growing crime in the world (Widbin, 2014). Though, slavery has been banned everywhere in the world millions of people are still slaves. Pimps will go after people that vulnerabilities such as immigration status and economic hardships. In 2007 human trafficking made thirty-two billion dollars, that was more than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined (Widbin, 2014). In the 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report, human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat; it deprives people of their human rights and freedoms, it increases global health risks, and it fuels the growth of organized crime. The United States is one of the top three places for trafficking. There has been a case of human trafficking in every state in the United States (Widbin, 2014). California, New York and Nevada are the three most common states for trafficking. The most common cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit...

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