Mosquitoes Essay

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Mosquitoes are little creatures who thirst for blood and cause many life-threatening diseases. It is determined that both genders are equally responsible for transmitting various diseases by breeding and increasing population size. Approximately more than half of the human population is unprotected by the risk of dengue and many more pathogens are spreading globally. Pesticides have been used to attack mosquito commorancies of the immature mosquitoes, but some habitats are out of our reach and cannot be controlled. Auto Dissemination Augmented by Males (ADAM), fills this gap by successfully overcoming previous methods used to exterminate mosquitoes and results in no error. This technique is used to prevent the mosquito population from continuously growing. This method is referred to as the “self-delivery of the delivery agent through the insects”. In terms of mosquitoes, this helps us reduce the population and experiment on their behavior. It works best for those species that breed in cryptic and small areas. These areas are difficult to locate since there can be various shelters and locations with high possibilities of not being discovered. Gender wise,…show more content…
Field trials have accounted that, mosquitoes are getting contaminated by the dissemination stations and that these contaminated mosquitoes are able to transmit the lethal pesticides. Field trials have also determined that male, mosquitoes have an attraction toward these stations and they are able to transfer the pesticides to females which spread to breeding sites. The amount of PPF required to decrease mosquito development is 0.012 parts per billion, which is enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool worth of mosquitoes. The World Health Organization has approved the PPF to be used in drinking water, since it does not harm organisms which are not targets, including the
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