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Mosman Mosman is has a 8.700 sq km area holding some of the best features. From the wonderful beaches, to the restaurants Mosman is a wonderful place for tourist and overseas movers. Mosman has a population of 27,450 making it a place to call home for many of us. So of the popular destinations are, Balmoral: a fun place to have family fun Beauty Point: beautiful views Clifton Gardens: to walk your dog Georges Heights: wonderful walks Spit Junction The Spit Transport Mosman holds many transport. Such as, Busses, ferries etc.. But Mosman borders other Suburbs in which you can travel with as well. Cremorne, Neutral Bay, and Manly. They are unique as well. Mosman has a simple way of getting to Sydney ( Downtown ). You could either, drive over …show more content…

Their are around 50-80 million plastic bags thrown into the Australian waste department. As well as many wildlife misunderstanding trash to food. The council is always trying to find away to clean Mosman and make it a beautiful and clean suburb permanently. And so are we by picking up trash or even recycling it can save animals. Recycle, Reuse, Repeat. Tourist Mosman has a range of exciting things to do, such as, Spending the day at the beach, or going to the world known Zoo. Their is so much to do. It is easy for tourists to travel around, as visiting Sydney and taking the ferry. Shopping is amazing with millions of clothes to choose from. If not they can go for a surf in Manly. They can eat at amazing restaurants such as Bather, Burnt Orange, etc.. Or visit another restaurant in another suburb. During New Years Eve the Sydney fireworks are some of the world best fireworks. Some of Mosman has a beautiful view of the fireworks while other have to reserve seats in: Tauranga Zoo, friends house or just watch it on T.V. on broadcast. (( Driving is difficult for Americans, Drive on the other side of the road )). …show more content…

( Drive ), or even take the bus downtown. Founding Mosman is named after Archibald Mosman (1799–1863) and his twin brother George, who moved onto a 4-acre (16,000 m2) land grant in the area in 1831. They were involved in shipping, and founded a whaling station on a bay in the harbour, which became known as Mosman’s Bay. George soon later became involved in grazing, but Archibald continued with whaling activities. By 1838, he owned 108 acres (0.44 km2) along the Mosman waterfront. Archibald was buried in the cemetery of St Jude's Church, Randwick. His grave is maintained by Mosman Council. Aboriginal culture Mosman was originally inhabited by the Borogegal tribe. Bungaree (c1775–1830) was a well known Aboriginal who joined British explorers on voyages, including circumnavigating Australia with Matthew Flinders when he was 26. He later became leader of his tribe, was given land at Georges Head, and enjoyed the loving of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. He greeted newcomers whose ships entered Port Jackson, and became acquainted with Russian and French explorers. His image was painted many times and shown in London, Paris, and

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  • Explains that mosman has a 8.700 sq km area with some of the best features, from the wonderful beaches, to the restaurants.
  • Explains that mosman borders other suburbs such as cremorne, neutral bay, and manly.
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