Mortima Vs Adler

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Mortimas Vs. Adler
“How To Mark a Book”, by Mortimas Adler and “Learning How To Read and Write” by Author are two essay that introduced me to a new way of reading and writing. Mortimas Adler gave very good advice on how to increase a readers’ skill level; Whereas, Author has very good advice on how to write papers effectively. Mortimas Adler believes that writing in a book is the most efficient way to improve a reader’s skills, whereas Author believes that free writing is the best way to improve writing skills. Mortimas Adler believes that making a book your own is the most effective way to read efficiently. Adler say that there are two ways to own a book. You can write in it, or you can physically buy yourself a copy. Adler then goes on to say that there are also 3 types of book owners. The first is the person who buys books but does not want to read them and keeps them in perfect condition. The second book owner is the guy who will have a somewhat big book collection. This book owner will read their books only once or twice and this book owner likes to keep his books
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This allows the reader to actively read. Actively reading allows the reader to produce conversations with the author and ask questions such as, what did the author really mean when he wrote this. Also Adler says that if you are not reading to just pass time then you are actively reading. When actively reading one should be able to mark in their book to remember and decipher what it is they are reading. The point of actively reading is to allow the reader to become one with the book. Adler then goes on to say that writing is very important. Writing inside a book allows the reader to remember what they read quicker, and it helps them pose good questions. Writing in a book is also helpful, because if you decide to stop reading for a while then come back later to read. Then it will be like picking up where you left
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