Mormonism and Christianity

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Here is a riddle. When does 1.5% equal 50%-70%? The answer? When discussing the percentage of Mormons in the United States of America compared to that of Salt Lake City, Utah (Demographics) (Salt Lake). The numbers can be a point of some debate but using even the most moderate numbers are astounding. What do we know about Mormonism? What has pop culture told us? Is it true? These questions and more will be answered, and to some these answers may be astounding.

Joseph Smith was born in 1805 in Sharon, Vermont (Oliver, Branch, and Walker). According to the religion, he prayed his first prayer at age 16, and he saw Jesus and God the Father in a vision (Oliver, Branch, and Walker). About seven years later, the angel Moroni (the son of the prophet Mormon) gave him two golden tablets inscribed with symbols, which he translated into the Book of Mormon in 1830 (Oliver, Branch, and Walker). The Church of Christ was founded on April 6th of that same year and was the first church for the religion. Four years later the church changed its name to Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) (Oliver, Branch, and Walker). On June 27th, 1844 Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum die in a gunfight at a jail where he and others are being held on charges of treason. They were attacked by a mob. Joseph did manage to kill two gunmen and wound another with a small pistol, which was smuggled in earlier (Oliver, Branch, and Walker).

Brigham Young then takes over as the second prophet. Brigham Young Dies in 1877 and is officially succeeded by John Taylor in 1880 (Oliver, Branch, and Walker). Seven years later Taylor dies and is succeeded by Wilford Woodruff in 1889. During this time there were many difficulties for the Mormons. There were many disagreements withi...

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...Christianity and Mormonism have something in common, and that is a strong desire to live a good and loving life and they both offer the world something to cling to and strive to achieve.


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