More than a spoonful of sugar

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As a kid I don’t remember thinking about my health a lot, probably because kids count on their parents to keep them healthy. They count on their parents to feed them the right things and do all obvious things that would help them stay healthy. But in reality both kids and adults have the ability to naturally help their health wether its intentional or not. Although medicine is helpful, many natural remedies can also benefit your health such as laughter, the sense of touch, exercise and having a pet.

In many ways people find laughter as just a response to something funny or just as a happy emotion. But it really does so much more for your body, health and personal well-being. The benefits of laughter exceed the emotion. “Laughter along with an active since of humor, may protect you against a heart attack according to a recent study by cardiologists at the University or Maryland…” (Murry1) A study done by the University of Maryland medical center consisted of 300 people, half of them had suffered from some type of heart disease or issue and the other half had not. Each filled out a questionnaire mainly about how much the individual laughed in good, bad and normal situations. They found that the people with or without heart disease are 40% more likely not to have a heart attack if they laughed more in life and situations. (Murry1-2) Laughter has physical, mental and social benefits to your health. Some of the Physical benefits to laughter include; relieving stress, boosting your immune system by increasing your immune cells, decreasing pain, increasing blood flow, enhances oxygen intake and it relaxes your muscles up to 45 min..(Smith1) (Puckett1) The mental and social benefits are obvious. Laughter adds zest to your life and impr...

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...en those without pets. They also took less medication for high blood pressure and sleeping. (Becker 63-64) Many Physiatrists with patients that have anxiety when leaving the house or with depression prescribe a dog to help them live life again and leave the house. (Becker 63) It is amazing to realize how much pet can change a person’s life and make it so much better. And In the book “The Healing power of pets” most of the book is stories of a human and dog bond so strong that these dogs have saved these people’s lives numerous times.

So although medicine is very helpful there are so many simple natural things that can keep you healthy too such as laughter, the sense of touch, exercise and having a pet. These things are amazing natural things given to us by God that benefit our health in easy extraordinary ways, so why not take advantage of these simple things?
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