More Than a Bus Driver

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Who's coaching the athletic teams in middle and high school? What qualifies one to coach middle and high school sports? Coaches only need a teaching certification to coach in the state of Texas. There is a extreme lack of certified or experienced coaches with a degree in kinesiology. Obtaining knowledge of kinesiology and knowing how the body reacts when exercise is applied is essential to becoming a good coach. Inexperienced coaches pose a risk to the safety of student athletes and are a potential liability for the school itself. If the requirement needed to coach in middle and high school in the state of Texas were held at a higher standard, there would be less risk of injury, a more efficient training program and a better understanding of how to implement a healthy lifestyle. Middle and high school coaches should be required to have a degree in kinesiology or at minimum a coaching certification. The low present requirement to coach in the state of Texas is the direct cause of inexperienced potentially harmful coaching programs in schools. "Presently In the state of Texas the only requirement needed to become a coach is to be a certified teacher, having a license from Texas education agency and your eligible to be a coach" (Brown). This policy financially accommodates the schools in Texas but in turn can become a liability to the school and pose health risks to student athletes. It is cheaper and convenient for schools to hire teachers with mere interest to coach, without requiring special training or additional education requirements. Although this saves the school money initially, the effects that a bad coach can have on a school out ways the trouble of implementing higher requirements to coach. If an athlete is injured, whether the injury takes place in a sport event or during training, the school is put at risk of a lawsuit. While there is a known risk to
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