More Respect Will Reduce Crime Rates

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In today's community there are many different problems, from road rage to child abuse, they are all there. So which one of these problems is worth focusing on? The answer to this question is, all of the above. Each problem needs individual attention in order to be taken care of. Lately the problems are all connected with one important attribute, respect. This thing we call respect has almost vanished from today's community. A college student at Gilbert Chandler perceived, "Respect has to be earned, the same as love. To get respect is to give respect." This is a commendable thought, but is it a rational one? Here the issue can be argued that, if someone disrespects you it does not give you the right to disrespect him or her back. That is what respect is all about, concern. Everyone needs to take concern for others even when the others may not have concern for them. Road rage is just one of the many problems in the community that can be solved by respect. It is believed that road rage begins the minute a person is about to walk in the door of their car. The attitude needs to be set in driving mood. When there is failure of this attitude, road rage begins. If a person gets up late and knows they must be at work they will be in a selfish mood. This mood causes him or her to become open to feeling fury the moment someone makes a bad move on the road. For instance, this person crosses an elderly man who is on his way to get his monthly medication. He makes the mistake of cutting of the person to the side of him, the late driver. Now it can be argued that the elderly man should not even be aloud on the road, but that is where the disrespect begins. Instead of getting mad, the driving mode should be set to give respect for the mistaken driver and move on with the drive to work. This act of concern lessens the probability for dilemmas that could follow. It has not been forgotten that there are drivers who purposely cut others off in disrespect. That issue can be solved in the same way. There is no reasoning with respect.

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