More Equal Than Others By Rebecca Solenit Summary

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Marriage is the union of love, friendship, patient, and comprehension. Although nowadays marriage has a lot of diversity, we should accept everyone and respect their choices, meaning that if they get marry or decide to live together to see if their relationship work. In the article, “More Equal than Others,” Rebecca Solnit describes the point of view of the conservatives about the same-sex marriage which they see as a threat for the traditional marriage. She also give the reader a little bit of history behind the laws of the traditional marriage, in which she quotes William Blackstone, a British judge, “By marriage the husband and wife are one person in law: that is, the very being or legal existence of the women is suspended during the marriage, or at least is…show more content…
. .” Solnit indicates that with this law the women and her earns will be automatic pass to the power of the husband and that the wife will not be allowed to touch or use if the husband does not agree with the used of it. Rebecca adds to the article the laws against wife beating that passed in 1970 at England and the US and gives as an example the experience of domestic violence that suffer Edna O’Brien. Moreover she describes the feminist act about the same-sex marriage in which she explains that the only disadvantage they have been the natural reproduction that in the case of heterosexual marriage is not a problem, but she shows to the reader the arguments that they give explaining the “marriage is for the begetting and raising of children,” and that the reproduction in the actuality can be made in different ways. Solnit also relates that marriage equality is not only for the purpose of raising children because even though heterosexual marriage have the advantage of having children naturally and some other without children, these marriages don’t guaranty

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