Morality of U.S. Corporations Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries

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1937 words

This paper argues the morality of U.S. Corporations outsourcing American jobs to foreign workers in other countries as well as the same corporations importing foreign workers to replace large numbers of their existing U.S. employees with lower wages and reduced benefits. The greed of American corporations is discussed and the impact their actions have on the U.S. economy and its citizens. The moral theory of Utilitarianism is examined to discover if the actions of these businesses have positive consequences for all workers, foreign and domestic, as well as equally positive effects on all countries involved. If there are both positive and negative effects, does the good outweigh the bad and if so, is it experienced equally across the board for both countries and their workers. Researched data is readily available on the number and types of jobs lost to outsourcing but very little research was found on the actual financial cost to the U.S. economy. The conclusion argues that more unbiased research needs to be done on the cost of these lost jobs to our economy, as well as the need for government regulations to monitor and limit the employment of foreign workers by U.S employers to a maximum percentage of their entire workforce.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Outsourcing and the Negative Impact on the U.S.
III. Outsourcing is Essential to be Globally Competitive
IV. Arguments by the “For Outsourcing Group” and the “Against Outsourcing Group”
V. Conclusion

Has the amount of outsourcing done by U.S. companies in America risen to a level of self-destruction for the ordinary people of this country and its economy? That is the subject of much debate between politicians, economists, financ...

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...tent than before. They all have a vested interested in providing the best effort possible. Their goal is to build a long-term strategic partnership with the parent company. This is a perfect message for the parent company to understand that the outsourcing company’s efforts are devoted, concentrated, and reliable. These companies can also serve as a concise record-keeping backup for important data. The information they retain will be limited, but will provide a complementary source of assurance. Accountability, recourse, and insurance all accompany these outsourcing companies. As a company enlists the services of the outsourcing companies, they create expectations of exceptional performances from them. In return, the parent company assumes little to no risk in accountability. Outsourcing companies will assume most of the legal and practical risk with the activities.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the morality of u.s. corporations outsourcing american jobs to foreign workers in other countries, and the impact their actions have on the us economy and its citizens.
  • Analyzes the moral dilemma surrounding outsourcing of american jobs to foreign countries and importing foreign workers by u.s. corporations.
  • Explains that outsourcing is not new to the u.s., but it has been around since the 1970s, when ibm outsourced research and development to india.
  • Analyzes how outsourcing jobs to foreign countries has caused significant damage to the american economy and american dream — multinational corporations cut 2.9 million u.s. jobs while adding 2.4 million overseas, with an annual job loss of 300,000.
  • Explains that the outsourcing accountability act of 2012 was introduced to the house of representatives, but was voted down that march.
  • Explains that u.s. companies utilize outsourcing to the fullest existent. this business approach allows companies to save big on operating costs and make huge profits abroad and in the united states.
  • Analyzes how outsourcing can reduce costs, but greed can cause a company to overlook and ignore the problems associated with it. apple manufactures its products in china, where labor costs are cheaper and there are fewer restrictions in labor laws.
  • Explains how offshore outsourcing hurts the u.s. economy by taking jobs away from its citizens, which in turn puts less money into stimulating the economy.
  • Analyzes how ron and anil hira's book, "outsourcing of america", discusses current research on this issue. the moral alternative would be to reduce the amount of foreign workers imported and exported to support and protect the citizens of this country.
  • Opines that outsourcing is an important aspect in today's business world. by utilizing all the benefits of outsourcing, companies will gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Explains the biggest benefit of outsourcing non-core activity is cost savings. other advantages of offshoring labor for u.s. companies include:•cost reduction/cost savings•specialized companies handling a particular activity
  • Explains that manufacturing companies can outsource their manufacturing to take advantage of cheap labor cost in foreign countries. outsourcing can also be used for companies that are expanding into new geographical areas.
  • Explains outsourcing companies are specialists in their field and have more experience and competence with dealing with these activities.
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