Morality of Amniotic Tissue Research

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Morality of Amniotic Tissue Research It seems that there is always new groundbreaking technology introduced into society. Our hope is to find some magical chemical that will cure all diseases or cancer. Imagine that a miracle substance was found but came, at what some may think is to high a price. Amniotic tissue is remarkable in its healing abilities, however, many think it is wrong to utilize the tissue since it is taken from aborted fetuses and embryos. Are the research processes of fetal tissue in direct conflict with our moral values, or is it negligent for us not to do research that might lead to cures for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Stem cells are like clay, featureless and dull; but they can morph into blood, skin, bone or any of the body’s replaceable tissues. They also have the gift of self-renewal which, to curb the risk of cancer, is withdrawn from all the body’s mature cells. Embryonic stem cells are created in the first stages of the embryos development; from them, all the bodies tissues and organs are generated. Once the body is formed, the embryonic stem cells disappear, leaving only a few descendents to help keep the body healthy. These descendents, often called adult stem cells, lack the embryonic stem cell’s power of generating any and all of the body’s tissues. (Wade) After years of funding from Geron, two research teams announced simultaneously last fall that they had finally isolated embryonic stem cells. One team retrieved the cells from young embryos and the other from immature sex organs of aborted fetuses. Preliminary evidence from research on mice suggests that stem cells obtained from embryos may have medical advantages over those isolated from aborted fetuses. (Weiss) Human e... ... middle of paper ... ...n such a miracle substance and still think of ourselves as morally right? You decide. Bibliography: Wade, Nicholas. “Teaching the Body To Heal Itself” New York Times. 7 Nov 2000. ProQuest. Online. 19 Nov 2000 Samuelson, Joan. “Pro-Life And Pro-Hope” The Washington Post. 17 Feb 2000. ProQuest. Online. 20 Nov 2000 Johnson, Douglas. “Letters to the Editor” The Washington Post. ProQuest. Online. 20 Nov 2000 Butler, J. Douglas, Walbert, David F. Abortion, Medicine, and the Law. New York: Facts on File, 1992 Fetuses For Sale. Prod. ABC and 20/20. 8 Mar 2000 Hofer, Eileen. Telephone interview. 25 Nov 2000 MacLean, Hunter. Cabrillo Collage Health Reference Center- Academic. 22 Jan 1996, v109 n4 Weiss, Rick. “Stem Cell Discovery Grows Into A Debate; New Field Faces Tests On The Hill.” The Washington Post. 9 Oct 2000 ProQuest. Online. 20 Nov 2000

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