Morality Theory: Utilitarianism And Kant's Happiness Theory

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Utilitarism is a philosophical approach known also as Happiness theory. It is a science that takes as its basis usefulness of morality, that is tremendous principle of happiness, holds that actions are good, if you contribute to happiness and bad if you contribute to the opposite. According to its proponents, human action is approved or disapproved by the level of pleasure or pain that it brings. The standard of right or wrong and their effects are said to govern our thoughts, words, and actions. This theory also suggests, that a property 's measure is the benefit and contentment it brings to a person or an individual. According to it, the interest of the community is considered to be factious since community comprises of individuals,…show more content…
The idea is that you can expect that the whole will generally be directed be the same rules as you do and that this rules are fair and equitable. Life and behavior of human beings should be drawn on that principle. Freedom is viewed as an idea that is reflected in the actions of rational beings. Critics of Kant 's theory who oppose his maxim of acting as if our actions should suffice as a law of nature claim that people who do immoral things do not wish others to do it. According to them others should be moral but exempted from the rules placed by society. Unlike utilitarianism, the killing of one person so as to provide for a greater good to the others is considered morally wrong according to the Kantian theory. Such an action would constitute treating a human as a means and not as an end. Kantians also disagree with the utilitarian belief that pleasure is the point of life; they consider this to be degrading to humans. The quest for happiness is a choice, and thus it cannot be claimed that everyone wants the same thing. I think that Kant’s theory of morality have a better application in everyday life situations. It ensures justice by supporting everyone’s right to be treated fairly not just for the greater good
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